Our main focus is to open doors to enter further studies, workplace or self-employment for candidates who struggle with learning, for those who have disabilities, and for the empowerment of women through mentoring and tutoring.

Through our collaboration with the Department of Education, the Department of Labour and Employment's Labour Activation Programme (LAP), private organisations, and accredited training providers, our Workplace Hosting Hub is involved in a number of sustainable projects nationally.

Student Support

Is your child struggling in school and want to leave school after Grade 9, then we can help you! 

Our tutoring team assesses each candidate to give individualized learning approaches, particularly for those experiencing learning hurdles. One-to-One tutoring sessions ensure that each learner can achieve. 

Most qualifications require 30% theoretical and 70% practical experience, that helps to learn through application. The NQF System is designed to help any person to achieve a qualification and to articulate through the levels.  There are many bridging courses available even if your child left school after completing Grade 9 or 10.

We assist with bridging courses to enter further education and provide you with a tutor. 

Accredited Training Providers

SDS Sustainability Projects is not an accredited training organisation, we have partnerships with training providers and we provide students with the student support and work experience functions.

We also manage learnerships on behalf of Accredited Training Providers and Corporate Organisations from the recruitment of the candidates to placing them into workplaces. 

Workplace Partner
SDS Sustainability Projects joins your team as a workplace partner to give students the vital work experience they require to graduate. We host some candidates at our Workplace Hosting Hub in Midrand. Our network of partners, however, allows us to successfully place candidates and gain their experience if we are not able to provide the experience needed. 
We currently host candidates in the following fields:

  • Bridging Courses to enter further studies.
  • Business studies
    • Project Management
    • Business Administration
    • Digital Marketing
  • IT studies
    • Web Development
    • Graphic Design
    • IT Technical and System Support
  • Nated Studies (N1-N6) Engineering
  • Agricultural 
    • Farming
    • Plant production
    • Horticulture

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