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Our professionally registered Skills Development Facilitators assist large and small organisations with your preparation and submission or your annual Work Place Skills Plan and Annual Training Report (WSP & ATR)


Benefits of a SDF: 

Lead the process of organisational skills development and employee development.

Conduct a comprehensive skills audit for all the staff in your organisation, from entry level to top management

Pairing your organisation with the right ACCREDITED training providers to fill the skills gaps

Access SETA funding for your staff training

Present and submit the WSP & ATR to the relevant SETA 

Claim your SDL reimbursements on your Skills Development Levies

Apply for Discretionary Grants available through the various Seta’s for PIVOTAL Training

Ensuring that your Skills Development will increase your B-BBEE score card on two points:

Skills Development

Socio-Economic Development

Spesialised B-BBEE Solutions

Training is one of the easiest ways to boost your B-BBEE rating for maximum points. Self funded or any grant funding received from your SETA still becomes part of your expenditure. Sponsoring a previously disadvanated learner or Learnerships increase training spend without increasing costs and increase your B-BBEE score.

The Skills Development element is designed to improve the skills set of black employees.

Target on skills spend is based on annual leviable payroll.

Target for learnerships is based on total employees.

Measured entities will only score points towards skills development if there has been:

Compliance with the Skills Development & Skills Development Levies Act.

Registration with the applicable SETA.

Development of a Workplace Skills Plan.

Implementation of programmes targeting the development of Priority Skills specifically amongst black people.

CSI/CSR Funding

You can also spend your CSI/CSR funding in developing youth. We work in association with Feed a Child to upskill youth.

Feed a Child is a Section 21 NPO, and will also supply you with all the required documents to proof your CSI spend, improving your B-BBEE score and doing your part for Corporate Social Investment.

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Employee Tax Incentives

We assist your organsiation to also get funds back from SARS to develop the youth of South Africa, assisting in utilising the Employment Tax Incentive (ETI)


Benefits of ETI 

It will reduce the employers cost of hiring young people through a cost-sharing mechanism with government, by allowing you to reduce the amount of Pay-As-You-Earn (PAYE) you pay while leaving the wage received by the employee unaffected.


For example, employers who are registered for PAYE, and who employ a person for the full month of February 2018 and earns R2000, will get R1 000 off their monthly PAYE liability (provided that the employee is a qualifying employee based on all the other remaining requirements).


Employers will be able to claim the incentive for a 24 month period for all employees who qualify.  This incentive will complement existing government programmes with similar objectives e.g. learnership agreements. The aim of the ETI is to facilitate the increased employment of young work seekers.