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We deliver Health and Safety Consultancy services to a full range of businesses and organisations including Corporate, SMME, Construction and Not for Profit sectors. We have a team of qualified and experienced Health and Safety Consultants who can support your strategic development as well as your on-site requirements whatever the size or sector of your business. Our support can range from full Health and Safety outsourcing to a simple assessment of your Health and Safety needs with the provision of solutions in a day.


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Health and Safety auditing is a process of checking that what is in place is meeting expectations. Legally you must protect the Health and Safety of your employees and we can agree an audit protocol that meets your needs and includes a check of the management system as well as a physical site inspection. We can report findings and recommendations for the whole business or on a site by site basis.


Our Health and Safety Consulting team is operates throughout South Africa so we can provide a cost effective multisite service delivering all of your health and safety requirements across a full range of health, safety, fire and other topics. We also have extensive experience in full outsource of health safety support services for significant corporate organisations.


We specialise in delivering Facility Risk Management. Because we’re already visiting existing customers to deliver Facility Risk Management in a location there are increased efficiencies over in-house or traditional compliance methods.

Our approach is to understand the customer’s culture, compliance objectives and how we can help them become more efficient in the management of risk. The solutions are designed to be easy and simple to use and incorporate the use of databases, reporting and management information to help those responsible become more in control of the issues that matter.


A particular feature of the system is the Active Action Plan which we build into the solution. This feature provides real time reporting of the issues we identify during our visits, management information to prioritise resolution and the ability for resolvers to access the system to close outstanding issues. All actions are date stamped to provide a compliance audit trail.

The services we offer are supported by designated key account managers who are health, safety and environment practitioners that understand how organisations operate and add value to the businesses compliance programme.


We will create all of the safety documentation you need from your safety policy through to writing the site specific Action Plans which are required.  We’ll also train and mentor your staff so they are comfortable in using them.

Toolbox talks are becoming more important as companies seek to involve workers and encourage them to take steps to look after their own safety.  By its nature construction requires your staff to often wok in small teams and supervision can be an issue.  Using these short training sessions you can ensure that staff are safe when you can’t be there to monitor them at the same time as discharging your duty to provide information, and instruction.

The benefits of an effective Toolbox Talk programme

The benefits of a toolbox talk tailored programme as opposed to longer training sessions are as follows:

1.    Short Safety meetings boost employee awareness of safety and its importance in the workplace;

2.    Toolbox Talks presented by experts from an external company reinforces the importance of this type of training;

3.    These sessions can be tailored to fit in with the working day without taking people out of the workplace for whole days or several days at a time;

4.    Toolbox sessions are intended to focus attention on important safety issues, frequently reminding employees why procedures and other safeguards are in place and why it is important to follow them;

5.    Less chance of information overload, boredom and dilution of important safety messages that commonly occur with longer sessions;

6. Can be used to communicate new issues but also as refresher sessions for older ones. 

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At your premises our directly employed practitioners can undertake any combination of the following services to exactly suit your organisations compliance needs:

  • Tailored compliance management information from a portal that has real-time compliance and intervention metrics
  • Access to compliance documents wherever and whenever required, helping you prove compliance and manage risk
  • Improved risk management leading to reduced claims and losses plus the potential for favourable premiums
  • Reduction in costs and time spent managing suppliers of different compliance elements or in-house resources that are not easily able to cover the geography of the estate or facilities
  • Understand from our experienced practitioners how well the organisation and property estate is being managed, helping to better target your resources
  • Instruction from our experienced practitioners helps those responsible on site make the link between policies, procedures and training applied to the workplace they manage
  • Demonstrate that the organisations management system checking process is in place and enables senior management to meet their responsibilities to act on the findings

Fire Risk Assessment

A tried, tested and trusted assessment with an action plan that meets legal requirements, is easy to interpret and describes what needs to be done with clear priorities

Health and Safety Management

Checks that your policies and procedures are being applied, reports back where they do not meet your requirements and informs those responsible of what needs to be done

Health and Safety Inspection

Identifies hazards in your workplaces, records what has been found and then provides you with priorities to deal with them

Environmental Management

Checks that your policies and procedures are being applied, reports back where they don’t meet your requirements and informs those responsible of what needs to be done

 Access to Goods and Services

Identifies where people could find difficulty in visiting and accessing the site and services, reports back where there could be complaints and informs those responsible of what needs to be done

Accident Reporting

An online reporting service that gathers the data required by you to understand what is occurring across your business. The information gathering is enhanced by the quality of the questioning by our advisers which enables swift action to be taken to investigate more deeply or to deploy additional support

Accident Investigation

Supports your local team with in-depth on-site accident and incident investigation to find the basic cause(s) and provides recommendations to prevent a reoccurrence and defend claims

Active Action Plan

The bespoke compliance portal we create to hold your reports provides an automated email facility and opportunity for resolvers to close down actions

Compliance Portal

A bespoke portal that holds all the findings and recommendations from an inspection or audit at each premises and is accessible for those who need it and want meaningful management information