Outsources Accreditation Services


SDS offer Accreditation services on an outsourcing basis to organisations who does not have inhouse resources available to manage the accreditation process for the organisation. Our outsourcing solution is based on an 8-12 – month retainer to outsource the management of the centre accreditation process as well as assisting in the selection and mentoring of an academic team to manage and run the centre professionally, meeting all legislative requirements.   

This service will offer brings you a qualified team of professionals to prepare your organisation with all the necessary requirements for accreditation with any SETA (QAP) or the QCTO. The retainer will not limit your organisation to any industry accreditation or the number of qualifications or skills programmes you would like to get accredited for. 

Our team will be available to assist you in understanding the process of setting up your training centre, recruiting the right people for the different roles as well as rolling out your training programmes. 

This solution provides you with an outsourced academic function that will ensure quality control measures are in place to receive accreditation without any hurdles and obstacles to delay the process. 

As the accreditation process can take anything from 8-12 months, we prefer to work on a retainer basis in order to walk the path with you on a monthly basis ensuring that we conduct weekly follow ups and communication with the relevant SETA and provide you with feedback.


Our retainer will be based on the number of SETA’s and number of Qualifications you would like to get accredited. Also, if you would require us to develop material or acquire material for the qualifications you would like to get accreditation for.

SDS has a proven track record of assisting our clientele with not only the accreditation process, but mentoring and guiding new training institutions on the full operational process to ensure compliance with legislative requirements.


SDS will become an integral part of your team for the period of the retainer and ensure that your team will understand the processes and deliverables to run a successful training institution. 


Our phased approach ensures that you will be in the best position to become a training centre that deliver high quality education to your clients and students. 


You will be part of the process and gain understanding of the training industry, opportunities and how to overcome the challenges you may face.